6 September 2015

Online Shopping - Yes or No

Not so long ago ordering pizza, then Chinese food or some other international cuisine was thought as a big boom in sale. With the rising numbers of these mostly family businesses, at least at the beginning, slowly offer itself expanded by adding certain products like free drinks, free delivery, coupons,...
Today, technology allows us to know everything about anything. There is not a company that doesn't promote itself if not by having a website of their own than through some social media.
Here in my country the number of new internet users is growing by a minute, not only with installing a port in their houses but by using smart phones.
All of this allowed people to do shopping online. Newspaper adds are slowly replaced by internet portals, instead of guessing what's the product like or going to check it out today we can at least see an image of it.
Some studies are showing that in ten years from now it will be normal to buy most of the things by clicking an application on our phone.
But even today, as I've said, a lot of people are skeptical especially when they are not buying from some big international company. But still us girls will never get used to it, mall experience is priceless. :)

  • You can order anything from any place in the world (talking about one global village),
  • You are buying directly from the producer or main distributer at wholesale prices,
  • A lot of products have big discounts,
  • Delivery is usually free,
  • There are a lot of different coupon codes we can use.

  • Fear. Everywhere they ask of us to register using your e-mail, and home address,
  • You need to have Pay Pal or some other bank account meant for foreign exchange,
  • When using Western Union you need to pay high provision,
  • Delivery period is long unless you pay for express shipping,
  • You need to check custom charges in your country.

Things to know.

  • Shopping Sites. There are thousands of online websites with a lot of reviews of them so be sure to always check previous experiences people had from ordering things. Besides promotion, that's one of the main reasons a lot of brands and stores work with bloggers to show how you will get the product you have ordered.
  • Registration. Obviously you need to register by using your e-mail address and providing information that's going to be used to ship the products you've ordered right to your door. But still, you need to be careful with choosing from which website you will order.
  • Order. Ordering is pretty much easy. You scroll through things you like and simply add them to your online cart. Always check the size chart because it can vary from country to country.
  • Import Taxes. One thing you should always check before you order is the import taxes in your country. Sometimes if you do not do this for the product you would like to order you can get in a situation to pay more for it than for the product itself.
  • How To Pay. There are different ways to pay either with one of your credit cards, your Pay Pal account or Western Union.
  • Shipping. Today shipping is mostly free or for orders higher than about $30. Still if you choose the so called flat shipping you need to be prepared to wait for at least 10 days for international shipping until your package arrives. You can always choose express delivery but you will need to pay for it obviously.

What is online shopping like in your country ?


  1. Online shopping is very varied, I recently found an article that discussed the way Amazon treats their employees but with a gift card in hand, I didn't know what to do. I eventually found that buying from private sellers is the best way to buy off Amazon. Now, some things came the day after order and others still haven't arrived! The internet makes getting things that you can't find easier and I will always love it, but I still prefer going out shopping.

    TheDonkeyInvasion - A Bookish Blog!

    1. Exactly, you can find anything but still you need to be more careful. :)

  2. Yes for me <3
    >>drop by my blog<<Styleccentric Fashion // SCF //

  3. I think online shopping is really easy in England because delivery is very cheap and quick and it's usually free returns if something doesn't fit! Personally, I love online shopping!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Yes I agree when we are talking about shopping from within a country but there are some difficulties if you are ordering from abroad so most people have their doubts. :)

  4. I like online shoping because it's very comfy and time saving, sometimes unfortunately we could buy something which looks completly different than on the pictures.


    1. That exactly one of the things everyone is afraid of. :)

  5. Online shopping is really hit and miss. Most of the time you DO get what you pay for and the service is smooth and simple. But one in about ten times there'll be some kind of mistake. Whether it's an item bought on Google undelivered and the seller suddenly disappearing off the face of the earth, Asda 'missing' about ten items you've asked for with home delivery or the takeaway not getting your order right when you order on JustEat. These bad experiences stick with you more than the good ones (call it human nature I suppose). I think online shopping is generally good with convenience being the best selling point, but you are at the sellers mercy in terms of them getting everything right and if it isn't right it's usually a massive inconvenience

    1. It's something which will only expend more in the upcoming years so hopefully there will be less mistakes when we talk about the sellers, and when it comes to shipping mistakes can always happen especially if it's an item coming from different part of the world. :)