24 April 2016

Beauty Box Subscription I About

Beauty boxes are something which exist for a long time now, before only as sets of couple of products of a certain brand. Lately, companies which sell different products, mostly cosmetics, made beauty boxes a special product. 
In it you can often find anything from cosmetics to books and dog food.
Goal of this companies is to create a base of loyal customers, because they are mostly sold by prescribing for them for couple of months.
There are two kinds of these boxes:
  • Beauty Surprise Box and
  • Easy Shopping Box.

First one is for those who like to experiment while shopping. If you like to try out different flavors, smells and colors and you are already spending a certain amount of money this kind of a beauty box is perfect for you.

On the other hand, Easy Shopping Box has in it products you can see before you buy it. With this kind of shopping we cut on time we would lose going around to buy them.

So what are the benefits of prescribing to these kind of boxes ?
  • Saving. Not only time, products in every box are worth even as testers a lot more than the box itself.
  • Newest product before they show on the market.
  • Adjusting to you. Most require your registration and data about you and your type of skin, age so that in every box you get the products adjusted to you.
  • Loyalty cards. You get discounts for prescribing to more than one, for new customers you bring.
For companies there are many benefits. From creating a base of customers, information about their preferences, saving on advertisement and even office spaces being that everything goes on online.
The most known beauty boxes are GLOSSYBOXBIRCHBOX i FEELUNIQUE (cosmetics), GRAZE (food) and many more.

Today there are even places online where girls exchange products they got in their surprise boxes.

What are your experiences with this kind of products and what do you like to see in them ?

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