29 May 2016

How To Promote Your Blog Free

Today almost everyone has an account on Facebook, either private or a page. For bloggers it's one of the way to promote your blog, and with it's option to plan when to publish posts and schedule it you save up quite some time. Another thing is it's option to install and connect apps of your other social media.

Instagram is a lovely app for all photography fans. Hash tag option puts your pictures on a stream with a wider audience. As like Facebook you can schedule posts, only difference is you need a special app to do so. So as like publishing Facebook posts you save a lot of time. Here is a LINK to an app you can use. 

Twitter is an app a lot of bloggers use again because of the hash tags. With growing number of bloggers and it's communities there are many accounts of different blogger networks which re-tweet blogger tweet posts.

Google +
Google + has a lot of growing communities to where you can publish posts after you join.

As you probably know already you can "pin" pictures you ran across on the web to your own pin page as a sort of reminder board. And not only that 'cause your home page has other people's whom you follow pins. 

First there were bloggers, now there are vloggers all thanks to youtube depending on what you prefer. Both network users present some thoughts of their own or experiences they have had with different stuff.

Blogging means sharing your thoughts and getting to know other people's experience's too, so reading and leaving proper comments on other people's articles will definitely drive them to your own article. 

Blogger Networks
Today online you can find many websites on which bloggers get together or websites like Bloglovin' where there are tons of blogs and posted blog titles. These kind of networks are available through other social media too.

As you can see from it's title Bloglovin' gets together a lot of blogger all over the world as well as people who love to read different articles.


  1. Thank you for sharing. It was very informative about the different social medias. I like to have facebook because friends can like and comment without having to login and become a member. I love instagram. I can use a lot of time on Pinterest finding thinks I'm interested in. I'm learning about Twitter. And I like Bloglovin for connecting to other bloggers.